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What After Engineering

So finally you guys must have been done with Engineering Exams and right now searching for What After Engineering? You are on right spot. Basically one must have to plan well about studies and career. Here you will get details about many courses and options you can pursue after engineering.

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After Engineering, most of the engineer students choose for the M.Tech course. This degree has a lot to offer in term of job opportunities. If you want to be a professor after engineering then this is must to do course after engineering. Time span for this course in 2 years.

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The main objective to do this program is to do specialization in any field. After pursuing B.E. or B.Tech in India it is uncommon to see that most of the students go abroad to do MS. By doing MS degree in abroad you can boost up your career prospects.

The best abroad universities for M.S.



Companies are seeking for Engineer with great Marketing Knowledge. It’s sone pe suhaga for them! You don’t need to hurry up to enroll yourself for MBA course soon after engineering. One can do a job for 2-3 good years and then too enroll for MBA course. For MBA you need to give an entrance exam, so simply you can study for entrance exam while doing job.

Technical/Skill Oriented Courses

There are plenty of technical or skill oriented courses which you can choose to pursue after your engineering. The time span for such courses in month or couple of months only. Such courses are job oriented and certainly add to skill set of engineering student. There is also option available to pursue such courses in part time and distant education modes.